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National Model City in Environmental Protection

Located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan is connecting to Guangzhou on the north and in vicinity to Hong Kong and Macau. It covers an area of 1,800 square kilometers and has a population of 2.43 million.

Since being awarded as the National Model City in Environmental Protection, the city has maintained a strong momentum in its economic development and also made achievements in the sustainable economic and social development.

As the hometown of Dr. SunYat-sen and a city with rich cultural heritages and beautiful natural landscapes, Zhongshan has been awarded many titles since 1995, to name a few, the National Clean City, National Garden City, China's Excellent Tourism City and the "Habitat Scroll of Honor Award" presented by the Untied Nations. In 1998, Zhongshan is awarded by National Environmental Protection Administration as National Model City in Environmental Protection.

In the process of opening up to the world, Zhongshan has adhered to the principle of putting people first and made efforts to create a harmonious living environment. Up to now, the city has achieved a sustainable development, highlighting environmental protection. The city has implemented the basic policy of environmental protection, in order to strike a balance between economy development and environmental protection, and make harmony between man and nature. In the past five years, Zhongshan has been maintained to be a modern eco-city, a harmonious city with beautiful environment and comfortable life. During the whole year of 2005, Zhongshan’s ambient air quality has been maintained over the second grade of national standard, with fresh air and blue sky. Drinking water, from the two major potable water sources, Quanlu and Madafeng, has reached the second grade according to national standard. Quality of water in the waterways of Jiya, Xiaolan, Modaomen and Hengmen, has maintained clean and high-quality. In 2003, Zhongshan was designated the title of Model City in Environmental Protection in Guangdong Province. In 2004, the city passed the re-examination by the National Environmental Protection Administration. At the same year, Zhongshan began the construction of eco-city, and in early 2005, the plan was made in details. Since then, eleven projects have been launched to enhance waste and sewage treatment system, such as, Xiaolan Sewage Treatment Plant and the second stage of Zhongjia Sewage Treatment Plant. In addition, the construction of the Wugui Mountain Nature Reserve, Yakou Mangrove Protection Area, and Zhenjiashan Sewage Treatment Plant were to complete in two years. With a rapid and steady pace, Zhongshan city is striving to the goal of eco-city suitable for business and residence.

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